Our story . . .

They told me to stop complaining & do my Kegels

After meeting countless physios, doctors & midwives –
who all told me to go home and do my Kegels – I thought
my life was over. Until one day it all changed…

Pro What?

A Grade 3 Symptomatic Prolapse

A few months after giving birth to my first child, I knew something was wrong. Even though an ultrasound clearly showed I had a mild prolapse and torn tissue, my doctor said there was nothing I could do except Kegels or an invasive surgery.

I went home feeling unsure, pacified & confused. I did Kegels everyday diligently and felt nothing. Zip. Nada. I contacted my healthcare team again. They persisted by telling me to stop complaining.

Three months after the birth of my second child, I suddenly felt something strange in my underwear. I used a mirror and saw a small pink ball inside my vagina — I was petrified and shook uncontrollably for hours.

This is not my prolapse to keep.

One day I woke up angry and determined to find a solution. Since I practiced yoga for nearly 20 years, I knew that with the right support, my body could do magical things.

So, I spent every free moment I had looking for methods to reverse my prolapse. It took weeks, but finally, I found healthcare practitioners who healed their prolapse naturally.

I spent 10,432$ (all my savings) and countless hours finding & trying methods while nurturing two young kids. I started piecing together my own toolbox – including methods from these practitioners and my own improvisations based on what was working for me.

Debunk. Demystify. De-taboo.

Our mission at Women Cycles is to bring a unique blend of modern science and ancient wisdom to women’s health issues that are tabooed, embarrassing, or overlooked. Our research shows us that there are over 4,932 symptoms under the umbrella of women’s health. We intend to work tirelessly until every last symptom is resolved.

Reinventing health & wellness for women by women

Modern Practitioners

We work with pioneer women who want to change the status quo for women's health through science & modern hands-on techniques.

Mind Over Medicine

We are firm believers in the mind's ability to heal the body. This belief is supported by the latest neuroscience, showing that mindfulness and positive thoughts can fast-track your healing.

Feel Cared For

We know your day to day involves giving & caring for those around you. Be it your children, parents, or community. With us, we make sure that you feel cared for and attended to.

Over 60+ certified alternative health-care practitioners

Our practitioners may come from different fields of expertise – including doulas, physiotherapists, naturopathic doctors, midwives, and pelvic health specialists – but they all have empathy and understand what it takes to reclaim health.

We call this the new #selfcare revolution

Self-care could be something like getting your hair and nails done, or perhaps a massage or facial. While these are great, we believe self-care can be even more meaningful and impactful.

We see the ‘new self-care’ as a revolution. Where all women reclaim their lives, utilizing natural health & wellness methods that are easy to integrate into your daily routine.

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