What Is Queefing (Vaginal Gas) and How to Prevent It?

Vaginal Gas or Queefing is more common than you think

Now, here’s something you never learned in sex ed classes but probably in the most embarrassing moment ever, such as during sex, yoga, or exercise. We’re talking about queefing or passing gas through the vagina.  What Is Queefing?  Queefing or vaginal gas is an involuntary bodily action which occurs when the air that has been […]

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What’s Your Pelvic Floor & Why Its Health Matters

What is your pelvic floor actually

While most conscious women tend to take meticulous care of their health, they severely under-look one aspect. It’s the health of their pelvic floor. In fact, more often than not, it’s not even under-looked but blatantly ignored or the advice given may make things exponentially worse.  The importance of the pelvic floor and its health […]

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