After doing Kegels (as advised by 4 doctors) and feeling no improvement, Thi tried other methods and is now symptom-free!

3 Things Doctor’s don’t tell you about your pelvic floor. Plus 1 Bonus Tip


Condition: Prolapse

After Kegels failed Thi, she started looking for alternative solutions for resolving prolapse. She was not willing to go down the invasive and risky route by getting fitted for a pessary or undergoing surgery.

Instead, she wanted something natural and safe, and something she could do on her own time and from the convenience of home. When she found the No Kegels System, it checked all these boxes for her, so she decided to give it a try.

After 3 weeks of following the program and committing to the exercises (just 10 minutes a day), she started feeling better because she was symptom-free for 3 days in a row. As she progressed through the program, things got better and better. By week 7, Thi went the entire week without symptoms. And by week 10, it was confirmed that Thi was completely symptom-free. 

In her own words, she said, “it feels really good to know there is someone out there that went through what I went through and is willing to help me and be there for me.” 

Previously, Thi had a difficult time talking about prolapse and the physical symptoms and emotions she faced. Especially because the topic is not often talked about. This made the program that much more valuable to her because she felt comfortable and supported enough to talk about her experience and her feelings.  

What did she love most about the No Kegels System?

Thi really enjoyed working 1 on 1 with Filippa (Women Cycles co-founder) and loved learning from other experts in the field of pelvic floor health. She also appreciated that Filippa was responsive and always there for Thi when she needed her. And that every question was answered thoroughly. 

Another benefit she gained from the No Kegels System was learning about her body and overall health. Many of the things Thi learned were never taught to her by her doctors.

Lastly, Thi was thankful to learn about the root cause of prolapse and all the potential factors and life events that could have caused it.

To wrap up, here are some final words from Thi. 

“I felt special and cared for. It helped me so much in such a short amount of time, that I did not think it was possible.”

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