After two misdiagnoses from her midwife, Dr. Bri followed her gut and used her knowledge to heal from bladder prolapse

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Specialty (or expertise): Physiotherapist

Age: 41

Favorite natural healing method(s): Pelvic Drops & Frog Pose

Conditions she reversed: Bladder prolapse, incontinence, anxiety, and depression

After Dr. Bri finished her post-graduate studies as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, she noticed her anxiety and depression got worse and worse. During this time, she experienced some very dark moments, and the only thing that helped her was doing physical activity — especially walking.

Dr. Bri wasn’t getting the support she’d hoped from her medical care practitioners, so she decided to find answers as to why she felt the way she did.  

Ultimately, she learned that the primary issue behind her anxiety and depression was eating the standard American diet that she had eaten her entire life. Once she turned her diet around, her brain fog and depression lifted. But, this is not where Bri’s story ends.

Dr. Bri’s personal struggle with pelvic floor issues

After her son was born, she became desperate to return to her former fitness level. So, she started running less than 3 weeks postpartum. But after one fateful run, she felt something strange happen to her body and thought it could be a prolapse.

Given her training in women’s pelvic floor health, she knew how to check for signs of prolapse. The most important part of self-testing was to do the examination while standing or sitting because these are both functional ways that we live and engage in life.

From her own self-exam, she could see a bulge in her vaginal wall and thought it could be a bladder prolapse. But, she wanted to get the opinion of her midwife.

How an incorrect prolapse examination led to frustration

When her midwife performed the examination, she had Dr. Bri lay down. The midwife concluded that there was no sign of prolapse. But, Dr. Bri knew deep down that something was not right.

Plus, it was hard to trust the midwife’s conclusion because the examination was done incorrectly (with Dr. Bri laying down rather than standing up or sitting).

Weeks later Dr. Bri decided to see her midwife again because, after a dozen more self-examinations, she was convinced that she had a mild pelvic organ prolapse.

But, like before, her midwife did the exam while Dr. Bri laid down and came to the same conclusion. As you can imagine, this was extremely frustrating for Bri and propelled her in a new direction.

Dr. Bri took her pelvic floor health back into her own hands

Driven by the challenges and lack of support she got from her healthcare provider, Dr. Bri used her knowledge as a Doctor of Physical Therapy to develop a comprehensive program for herself.

The exercises in her program reversed her own bladder prolapse, incontinence, and as an added benefit, they flattened her (post-pregnancy) tummy.

Although Bri was feeling great because her pelvic floor health returned and she felt stronger physically, she still struggled with anxiety and depression.

How overcoming difficult emotions made Bri a better doctor

During the first few years of her son’s life, symptoms of anxiety and depression returned. Although she was eating a whole-foods, nutrient-dense diet, and exercising regularly, she did not feel great emotionally.

Then one day, Dr. Bri found herself on the floor of her toddler son’s bedroom, hysterically crying due to feelings of inexplicable sadness. This was another turning point for her. It began a very personal journey into a fascinating and important question — what effect does lifestyle have on health and happiness?

Being able to answer this question has taught Bri some very valuable life lessons. And she incorporates this learning into the work she does with patients. So, both her expertise in pelvic floor health and her wisdom on life can be felt in the program she teaches for Women Cycles.

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