Annette started out lacking confidence and felt very alone. After completing the program, she felt strong, capable, and empowered!

3 Things Doctor’s don’t tell you about your pelvic floor. Plus 1 Bonus Tip


Age: 62

Symptoms: Bulging, heaviness, lack of confidence

Condition: Prolapse

For over a year, Annette dealt with uncomfortable bulging as a result of having a prolapse. She had already tried Kegels for a while and didn’t feel any improvements in her pelvic floor. Her doctor wasn’t sure how to help Annette, so she referred her out to a physiotherapist. 

When meeting with the physio, Annette didn’t feel confident in what was being recommended. Intuitively, Annette knew she was on her own and had to find solutions to the uncomfortable symptoms she was feeling.

Besides the physical discomfort of bulging and limited movements, Annette was also worried that there wasn’t a way out of her suffering, without having to get surgery. But that’s not what Annette wanted.

Before starting the No Kegels System, she felt very lonely and didn’t think there was much hope. Annette had a lack of confidence and worried that the bulging and discomfort would only get worse. In fact, this was her biggest fear. 

Also, since she didn’t get answers or solutions from her healthcare team in Australia, it created emotional challenges as well. She was in a dark place, feeling like there was no way out.

After lots of prayer and meditation, she began to search online for a remedy to her physical, mental, and emotional challenges. And the No Kegels System popped up. She watched the video ad and something clicked inside her. She knew right then and there that she had to give it a try.

Once she started to get results with the program, it gave her the strength to continue. And because she got results in such a short amount of time, she believed it was possible to heal. It wasn’t a question of age anymore, she realized it was just about finding something that worked.

In her own words, she said this about the No Kegels System. “Any age could do this. It’s simple, it’s not tiring, it’s pleasant. Getting better has nothing to do with age.”

After completing the 12-week system, Annette is feeling happier, has more hope, and much more confidence as a woman and as a person. She doesn’t feel like her body is falling apart. She is grateful and feels blessed to have found the answers.

What did she love most about the No Kegels System?

The number one thing Annette loved about the program was the support she was given. She didn’t feel alone, nor did she feel like the only woman in the world who was experiencing this. Annette said, “I have a friend who understands me and can guide me to the results. I felt comforted.”

Her second favorite thing was doing the Apnoea exercises and thirdly the vaginal steaming because it surprised her how much she enjoyed it and how much it made a difference. 

She talks about the system with her friends and clients all the time because she loved the program so much and would recommend it to other women. 

Best of all, Annette feels like she can do anything. She’s unstoppable and more empowered than ever!

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