Filippa Odevall, CEO of Womencycles

Filippa Odevall, CEO of Womencycles

Filippa Odevall is the Co-Founder of Women Cycles and Skolyoga - a platform that integrates yoga in schools and pre-schools by training the teachers. She is a certified Yoga Teacher, Doula, Hypopressives Instructor, Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Coach and author of four books such as the best-seller Sagoyoga. Filippa has been working in the intersection of health & wellness, kids mental well-begin and women’s empowerment for the last 12+ years.
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We started Women Cycles since I went through POP (pelvic organic prolapse) in 2019. Needless to say, I was petrified to feel my organ hanging loose in my vagina. I didn’t want to leave my bed, yet didn’t want to be there lying like a vegetable. I had a small infant to take care of at the same time and a 3-year-old at home. Googling prolapse in Swedish took me to the local medical websites here in Sweden. The only “remedy” they recommended was to not lift heavy things, fit out a pessary or operate me with a repeat procedure every 10th year. Surgery was never an option since there are enough scary tales out there of women who suffer from debilitating urinary incontinence and more issues after the surgery.

Once I switched languages and started Googling in English, I did get a host of articles and Youtube Videos. I spent countless hours reading them all, going through different stories while in parallel trying to judge if the woman who was writing or recording herself was trustworthy and if her journey can help me out of my situation.

Fast forward to July 2020, almost 8 months after my realization that I had symptomatic prolapse. When Mahesh asked me what the hardest thing was about my prolapse journey to date, my immediate response was the hours I spent Googling, feeling lonely, reading, and spending time trying to find hope. It was then the idea of Women Cycles was born.

A platform that aggregates knowledge for all symptoms that a woman goes through connected to the cycles of her life – from before puberty to after menopause. A platform that empowers and emboldens women to be the woman they are. Welcome to WomenCycles. 

Filippa Odevall