Cervical Dysplasia Success Story: Disa Mineur Healed Naturally and Is Helping Other Women

This is Disa Mineur. She is a fertility practitioner and educator who was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia. She was told that she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. For the uninitiated, cervical dysplasia basically means the growth of abnormal cells in your cervix. These cells can develop into cancer if left unattended. Disa not only found a way to cure her CIN 3 cervical dysplasia (the most severe form of dysplasia) naturally, she also became pregnant along the way. Now, she shares her methods in an exclusive course on Women Cycles.

Disa Mineur managed to cure her Cervical Dysplasia naturally.
Disa Mineur healed her cervical dysplasia naturally

Cervical Dysplasia and Disa’s Story

Close to 1 million women in the US alone receive a cervical dysplasia diagnosis every year. The primary cause of cervical Dysplasia is the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). 50% of Cervical Dysplasia is attributed to HPV 16 which is the most common type of virus. HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that usually clears up between 8-24 months of exposure. However, persistent infection can lead to dysplasia.

Catie has a nice fact sheet regarding Cervical Dysplasia

Here is a good FAQ guide on Cervical Dysplasia from Women’s Health 

Back to Disa.

Disa went through her life, thinking she won’t be “one of those” who would have to go through cancer, cervical dysplasia, or any similar issues. She ignored her Pap smear calls partly because she was traveling (and having the time of her life) and partly because she didn’t feel she was at any particular risk.

Disa’s Dysplasia Nightmare

But life takes you on twists and turns, and when she started reading about statistics on the prevalence of HPV amongst women, she decided to take her next Pap smear test. Having done the Pap smear test and the subsequent colposcopy, she was diagnosed with a CIN 3 (highest grade) cervical dysplasia.

The gynecologist she met, in her own words, was a mess. With a thorough lack of empathy, he asked her to book a time to get the dysplasia removed through a procedure called Cone Biopsy in 2 weeks. In short, during this procedure, you remove the abnormal cells by removing parts of your cervix.

The doctor literally asked Disa to not think too much, told her about the science behind the operations, and warned her that if she didn’t do this now, this will most likely develop into cervical cancer. I can’t help but wonder, if men had an equivalent disease to dysplasia on their penis, would there be a procedure that would cut parts of it out? Would the medical circles even accept it?

The Power of Saying No

Despite being in a state of shock, Disa mustered the courage to tell him that she will have to think, do some research, speak to friends and family, and get back. During this time of diagnosis, Disa and her partner were trying to get pregnant for almost close to a year. Disa was frustrated and filled with self-doubt about her ability to get pregnant and bear children. Add to this the diagnosis, and she was in a state of shock.

But in her own words, after gathering herself together with support from family and friends, she saw the light.

Your Body Can Heal; You Need to Listen-In

She decided to find a way to heal naturally. She did this by combining different methods:

  1. Understanding her own physiology, listen to her body signals.
  2. Understand the imbalance she had in her hormones. Then, create processes to work through them.
  3. Understand the power of her cervix.
  4. A whole range of suppositories and supplements.
  5. Cleaning her fridge to make way for a much better diet & lifestyle.
  6. Guided vaginal steaming.

She went from ignorant to informed, and started listening to her own needs.

She took time for self-care. Walks in nature. Time to cool-down. Time to tune-out of the outer world.

As she embarked on her healing journey, 3 months in, she got pregnant.

In one of the many calls she got from the authorities asking her to book a time for her CONE Biopsy, they were trying to convince her to get an abortion. Disa again shunned the advice, believed in her body’s ability to respond to the changes, and came out on the other side. When going back to do a check-up months later, they found no abnormal cells in her cervix.

You are the final authority of your body. You live with the consequences of your choices, not anyone else. Have the courage to get time to think through your options. You always have options. 

This story ends happily for Disa. But for you at home, who is currently going through cervical dysplasia – you need hope. You need support. You need to learn to believe that you can cure cervical dysplasia naturally and know your choices.

That is why Disa’s course is here for you. She helps you cut short the process of searching on Dr. Google, going through random YouTube videos to listen to others. She has aggregated all that for you.

Cure Your Cervical Dysplasia Naturally with Disa and Women Cycles

Here is a trailer for the course:

Here is the link to the actual course (you can watch the first 2 modules for free)

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