Dealing with prolapse for 6 years was the worst thing Philippa ever experienced. Today, she has control over her body again!

3 Things Doctor’s don’t tell you about your pelvic floor. Plus 1 Bonus Tip


Age: 37

Symptoms: Heaviness, bulging, incontinence

Condition: Uterine & Bladder Prolapse

Six years ago, Philippa gave birth to her first child. Not long after, she dealt with incontinence but didn’t think much of it. Other symptoms developed over time but it wasn’t until her second pregnancy that things got really bad.

Philippa had a stressful pregnancy because her family was in the process of building a home. Then they ended up moving in just a few weeks after she gave birth. This is when symptoms of prolapse, including bulging and heaviness, were really noticeable and limited her way of life.

She felt that she had no control over her own body. 

Philippa said she had been let down by her doctors in the past, so she lost hope in them. Although she didn’t want to go back to her General Practitioner, she did because she didn’t know where else to turn. After seeing her GP, she was told there was swelling in her vaginal wall and that she should go home and rest.

While Philippa did feel better for a while, a short time later, she was back to feeling awful and thought “is this ever going to get better?” 

So, her next step was to see a physiotherapist. She struggled a lot at the beginning with the exercises and felt very disconnected from her pelvic floor. After a while, Philippa stopped because she wasn’t getting anywhere with it. 

During this time, Philippa had entered the deepest, darkest hole she’d ever been in. The prolapses were always in the back of her mind and drove her crazy. Plus, she felt like whatever she did, her symptoms got worse. On top of it all, Philippa was suffering mentally and emotionally because she had so many questions and could never get answers to them from her GP or physio.

What did she love most about the No Kegels System?

Philippa was looking for pelvic floor exercises online and saw a Women Cycles ad pop up on YouTube. She related to what she heard, and thought, wow, this program (the No Kegels System) is offering something different, and she felt like she had nothing to lose. Plus, there was clear evidence that it was working for other women in a similar situation to hers.

When starting the No Kegels System, Philippa felt a shift mentally. All of a sudden, she went from having little to no support and zero answers, to getting all kinds of help. Suddenly, the worry she carried for years started to melt away.

After a month of sticking to the program, she saw massive improvements. She felt so much stronger and went 1 to 2 weeks without any symptoms. This was the longest stretch of time since the symptoms first started. 

The heaviness and bulging went away and the incontinence became very minimal. She started the No Kegels System rating the severity of these symptoms at a 10 and today they are a 2. 

Philippa wished she found Women Cycles 6 years ago when she first experienced incontinence. She wants to tell all her friends who are having a baby or just had a baby to try the program, so they don’t have to struggle the way Philippa did.

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