Like a Phoenix that rises from the ashes, Filippa overcame the odds to heal from prolapse & became a pioneer in a Women’s Health Revolution

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Specialty (or expertise): Yoga Teacher, Hypopressives Instructor, Vaginal Steam Facilitator

Favorite natural healing method(s): The Work, Scar Tissue Massage, Vaginal Steaming

Conditions she reversed: Prolapse, depression

At Filippa’s 6 weeks postpartum checkup, the doctors told her she had no birth injuries and that everything looked fine. But she was not fine physically or emotionally. But, they insisted everything was okay, and to “just go home, do your Kegels, and learn to live with it.”

After that initial checkup, she went back every 12 weeks. Each time, she was hoping to get validation that something inside her body was not right. But, she never did. Not until one year later.

Doctors finally confirmed something was wrong

During the checkup, Filippa convinced her doctor to perform an ultrasound, and guess what? That ultrasound identified a mild prolapse and torn muscles and tissue.

Finally! She got the acknowledgment and validation she was seeking all along. At that moment, she felt redeemed. But here’s the kicker. Even with the proof of injury, she was still told “there’s nothing to worry about. Have another child or two and when you’re done having children, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help.”

Those were direct words from her doctor. She couldn’t believe what she heard and couldn’t believe they had zero solutions to offer her!

Fast forward a few years later, and Filippa was pregnant and ready to give birth to her second son. Around 4-weeks postpartum, she started carrying her older son and doing physical activities that she probably wasn’t ready for. Then 3 months postpartum (in 2019), she felt something strange in her underwear.

The prolapse came back and was worse than before

She used a mirror to see what was inside her vagina and saw a small pink ball. She was terrified, scared, and beside herself. The reality of what she saw set in and caused her to shake uncontrollably for many hours.

Mahesh, Filippa’s husband called their midwife and also spent some time Googling and found that what she saw in the mirror was indeed a prolapse. The mild one she once had was now a Grade 2 or 3 prolapse.

Things took a turn for the worst

This is when things got really bleak. The prolapse became the center of Filippa’s life. No matter what she did or didn’t do, she could feel an uncomfortable sensation. It was like a ghost haunting her.

She became depressed and entered a deep, dark hole. She didn’t want to live anymore because she thought that was how her life would be, forever. For the next few weeks, she remained depressed and stuck, confined to the terrible reality of having a prolapse.

How Filippa broke free from her depression

One day, Filippa woke up angry and determined to find a solution. She had practiced yoga for nearly 20 years, so she knew about the body’s innate ability to heal itself. This gave her hope that one day she could get better.

So, she spent every free, waking moment Googling ways to heal from prolapse. It took weeks to find answers, but finally, she stumbled upon a method called Hypopressives — a breathing, posture, and alignment technique.

She started feeling relief and got significant results within 3 weeks. From here on out, she tried several other methods like adding collagen into her diet, acupuncture, vaginal steaming, processing suppressed emotions, dry brushing for lymphatic drainage, and scar tissue remediation (i.e. massage).

The biggest takeaway from her healing journey

By doing these methods for many months, she learned an important lesson. Healing is not a linear process. There’s no magic bullet. And there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. 

It takes a variety of different methods that resonate, feel good, and of course, are effective.

This is how Women Cycles and the No Kegels System are structured. There are many different methods to try all under one roof. And these methods are hand-picked for you based on the condition and symptoms you’re experiencing.

Not everyone requires the same approach to healing, which is why you can try the methods we suggest, add ones you want to try, cut out the ones that don’t feel good, and soon enough you’ll have discovered the perfect formula for you!

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