Women Cycles Master Plan (AKA Why We Started Women Cycles)

Better Pelvic Health in 12 weeks, or your money back!

Mahesh and I started Women Cycles in the fall of 2020. In this post, we shed some light on why we started Women Cycles, our core values, and our master plan.

The Prolapse

We started Women Cycles since I went through POP (pelvic organic prolapse) in 2019. Needless to say, I was petrified to feel my organ hanging loose in my vagina. I didn’t want to leave my bed, yet didn’t want to be there lying like a vegetable. I had a small infant to take care of at the same time and a 3-year-old at home. 

Googling prolapse in Swedish took me to the local medical websites here in Sweden. However, the only “remedy” they recommended was to not lift heavy things, fit out a pessary, or undergo surgery as a repeat procedure every 10 years.

Surgery was never an option since there are enough scary tales out there of women who suffer from debilitating urinary incontinence and more issues after the surgery. There are also tales of the complications of the inserted mesh that holds up your organs moving into different parts of your body. In short, surgery was never an option. While not lifting heavy things was good advice, it was not practical given that most women face prolapse after giving birth and it is impossible not to lift your kids. 

Dr. Google

Once I switched languages and started Googling in English, I did get a host of articles and YouTube videos. I spent countless hours reading them all, going through different stories while in parallel trying to judge if the woman who was writing or recording herself was trustworthy and if her journey could help me out in my situation. There was a range of remedies that bordered on pseudoscience while a range of them bordered on science that had conflicting opinions in mainstream medicinal publications. 

Trying to find a place on the web was an exhausting exercise in Google while also shedding light on how the care system today has a very limited focus on such issues. The solution we found was unknown female pioneers and creators who were bold enough to experiment with different solutions on their own bodies enduring pain and disappointment before finding relief.

I began with Hypopressives which just appealed to me from the get-go as I had been a Yoga Teacher for over a decade. With low-pressure breathing techniques, I could start seeing a difference. Next, I started experimenting with acupuncture, processing emotions, changed diets, and Vaginal Steaming. All these remedies have scientific evidence of helping with prolapse, yet there is not widespread acceptance in the scientific community. 

Having spent more time looking at why it was clear that the amount of research money going into such topics was a joke. Only 2 in 10 dollars go into R&D around women’s issues. And the experiments and techniques that are recommended were typically researched between the ’30s and ’70s. Most remedies that are recommended for women are typically researched on male subjects and generalised for women. Why? Female mice are complex due to their menstrual cycle. It is a whole new post on how these research methods were conducted but I am going to spare you the gory details in this post. 

A Simple Realisation. A Powerful Dream. 

Fast forward to July 2020, almost 8 months after my realisation that I had symptomatic prolapse. When Mahesh asked me what the hardest thing was about my prolapse journey to date, my immediate response was the hours I spent Googling, feeling lonely, reading, and spending time trying to find hope. It was when the idea of Women Cycles was born. 

A platform that aggregates knowledge for all symptoms that a woman goes through connected to the cycles of her life – from before puberty to after menopause. A platform that empowers and emboldens women to be the woman they are.

We define a cycle that is not just about your menstruation cycle, but all the different phases you go through as a woman. Puberty, pregnancy, postnatal, being a mother, managing life as a woman, menopause & beyond. 

Read our post on how we interpret and define cycles

Similar to Netflix or Skillshare, our platform aggregates knowledge as actionable courses, easy to consume, guided enough for you to try different solutions at home. A platform that helps you learn, grow, and heal. 

You Can Heal

Our long-term goal is to create enough knowledge that is scientific yet holistic. We want Women Cycles to be an oasis for women where there is actionable knowledge, community, and support to help you heal any condition connected to your cycle. We combine ancient wisdom and modern science in a beautiful concoction.

Over time, we want Women Cycles to be on the top of Google (and not just WebMD and its sisters) when you search for terms like PMS, postpartum depression, menopause, and many many more. We want to create a movement for women to heal naturally and take self-ownership of their bodies. We want to donate parts of our profits to further the research into women’s cycle issues. 

So, What Is the Women Cycles Master Plan?

The Women Cycles master plan is quite straightforward:

  1. Launch courses on symptoms that are most Googled (affect many women).
  2. Expand library to cover 90% of all cycle-related issues.
  3. Expand product range to include community, 1-1 coaching, & more.
  4. Help expand the research remit of science-based alternative healing methods for women.

Our Core Values

1. You can heal. Your body can heal.

Needless to say, it is better to work preventively than symptom-based, but even if you have developed symptoms, with patience and the right guidance, you can heal.

2. Healing is not linear. It is not a silver bullet.

The biggest fight we need to take to make this movement happen is to fight against the notion of instant remedy. We do not believe in instant remedies. A pill might relieve you from your symptoms but typically tend to cause something else that comes back to haunt you later down the road. Yet, the mentality of a silver bullet is the opposite to healing. Healing is non-linear, it has its bumps and lumps. It is holistic, it takes time and patience. In this journey, you learn about yourself, your body and come out on the other side stronger than ever before.

3. There is no one size that fits all.

What works for me might not work for you. A woman’s body is complex, and each situation that has caused you your symptom is unique. Hence, you need to be bold enough to experiment, listen in, and be patient. ‍

4. Knowledge is power. Wisdom is much more.

Most education around the woman’s body is filled with shame, stigma, and taboo. Yet, here we are, nurturing and giving birth to life. The awe-inspiring work our bodies do day in and day out cannot be emphasized enough. Yet, in polls time and time again, most women lack the knowledge to understand their own bodies.

We believe your journey starts from informing ourselves. Our courses will always have modules that cover the basics for you to gain more knowledge. Truly, knowledge is power. And with this power, you can understand the actions you need to take. In short, you gain the wisdom for your own journey.

5. Lift the taboo.

There is taboo in most issues that relate to women. Be it postpartum depression, miscarriages, incontinence, periods, or more. In our four walls online, there is no taboo. We encourage you to share abundantly and to find the help you deserve.

6. First-hand experience sharing trumps it all.

Our course creators are women who might not be PhDs in the subjects they have courses on (some are, though). Yet, they have the most important empathetic element. Which is, they were in your shoes not too long ago and are giving back by helping you. These women have gone through the symptoms you are going through currently and have gone through a healing journey that made them stronger than ever before. They share their story abundantly as well as methods and tools that could help based on their first-hand experience. Most importantly, it is built on empathetic sharing and not from a superior authority to you.

Start Your Healing Journey with Women Cycles

If you believe that Women Cycles master plan is something women around the world need, we encourage you to give us a try. Yes, healing is hard. It is not as simple as popping a pill. Healing requires changes that might be hard to follow. It requires you to trust your own intuition and not give away control to an authority. It requires you to rethink parts of your life, and allocate time for yourself.

Even though it’s not easy, we recommend it because it’s the right way. Yes, you can heal. My very own experience along with thousands of others is a testament to the power of healing.

I am looking forward to hearing your story. 

You can heal. We can heal. 

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