Once Allie released emotions she suppressed for decades, she saw how much her physical and mental health improved

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Specialty (or expertise): Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner

Age: 36

Favorite natural healing method(s): EFT Tapping, Reiki, and Yoga

Conditions she reversed: PMS, sexual trauma, anxiety, PTSD

At 29 years old, Allie’s body, mind, and spirit decided it was time for a reset, or a rebirth if you will. Her thoughts, attitudes, and views towards life weren’t serving her well. Looking back, it makes sense because she was angry, confused, and bored for many years. On top of that, she often felt like an outcast from her family, society, and the rat race she was trapped in.

Things got so bad for Allie, that it felt impossible to work or participate in life. So, she left her respected, ‘bill-paying’ corporate gig, broke her rental lease and moved in with her parents. Also, during this time she stopped menstruating, was weak due to adrenal fatigue, experienced anxiety and depression, and struggled with PTSD. To top it off — she felt completely alone.

A life-changing trip to India

As she began to seek answers, Allie came across some incredible, transformational books, wonderful healers, and best of all, an opportunity to travel to India with some Ayurvedic Practitioners. What started as a traditional 21-day Panchakarma retreat at an Ayurvedic Healing Center turned into a six-month trip through the friendly and breathtaking country.

Her time in India consisted of healthy eating, a daily yoga and meditation practice, expressing loving communication, fostering friendships, and spending nearly every moment in nature. Each blissful moment resurrected Allie’s spirit and made her feel connected to humanity and to herself, possibly for the first time ever. But sadly, it wasn’t the cure-all.

Old traumas decided to show up in her life…

Two years after returning from India (and not following a healthy, conscious lifestyle) Allie began to face debilitating anxiety, struggled with emotional binge eating, had regular night terrors, and experienced painful periods.

Intuitively, she knew that the traumatic sexual trauma she endured for years as a child, and the related memories, and suppressed emotions were coming back in the form of dis-ease.

This is when EFT (tapping) came into her life.

Allie’s first experience with tapping

After completing eight tapping sessions with a Certified Tapping Practitioner, she finally understood that the sexual abuse she experienced as a child made it impossible to trust people, feel safe in her body, and forgive others — all leading up to her current health problems.

In those sessions, she opened up old wounds and chose to be completely vulnerable, something totally new for her. Yet, the incredible relief (which was long-lasting) gave her a profound sense of peace.

How tapping changed her perspective on life and health forever

For the first time in her life, it felt possible to move on from her past and start fresh. Allie started sleeping better, her relationships with her family improved, she no longer ‘ate’ her feelings, her anxiety gradually went away, and her menstruation and hormones found balance once again.

Today, she continues to practice yoga, meditates, chants, and chooses high vibrational thoughts. Yet, EFT gave her and continues to give her the greatest blessing of all — freedom of negative thoughts and negative emotions.

She believes this healing tool needs to be shared around the world, so others can achieve emotional health as well as mental and spiritual health.

Final takeaway

Although Allie’s story may not be identical to yours, we all have our own story of struggle, hardship, and trauma (whether big or small). EFT tapping helps free you from the prison these hardships and struggles put you in, allowing you to feel free again — in body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Allie has pre-recorded tapping sessions for you to try on Women Cycles.

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