Women Cycles Courses Are Not Prescriptions; Every Healing Journey Is Unique

We wanted to write this post to clarify what kind of content and courses we have on our platform, our aim with Women Cycles, and most importantly, the responsibility each of us has for our own bodies and our healing journey.

Every woman on this planet goes through at least one life-changing challenge connected to her cycle. 

We have a more detailed post that explains not just our name but also the different cycles a woman goes through in her lifetime. While everyone thinks of the menstrual cycle, we believe there is more. From before puberty to after menopause, a woman lives a very cyclical life, governed by her hormonal levels.

Read our post “Why Women Cycles? No, It’s Not Just the Menstruation Cycle”

We Exist to Empower You

We want to be a companion to women during times when the healthcare system washes off your condition, cajoling you to accept reality and in essence saying “this is how it is”. Women Cycles wants to empower and embolden you. We think each of us has a super-power – we simply need to learn to listen. We want to shed light on overlooked issues, however tiny they are. Why? We believe every woman deserves knowledge and guidance. We don’t stop at knowledge. Instead, we make knowledge actionable by making sure all courses have actions in them.

You can read about our master plan and our principles here

Type of Content and Courses on Women Cycles

Our platform has content from women who have been in your shoes not too long ago and have managed to come out on the other side. They are women just like you. They might not have a fancy degree or a white trench coat. In short, our creators share first-hand experiences, their trials & errors, their methods, and knowledge, curated and packaged for you to save time searching on your own.

There could be methods that you have heard about before or that you are terribly skeptical about. There could be methods that are shunned by modern medicine. And there could be actions in our courses that you don’t want to take. Newsflash: THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FINE. Actually, we want you to have your body & mind work in tandem. We don’t want you to take everything on our platform as the absolute truth. There is no absolute truth in healing. There is your journey and mine. Then, there is sharing and support.

No Healing Journey Is the Same

We aim to have many courses for each symptom to present a buffet of options for you. Why? Simply because no healing journey is the same. A method that works for one of our creators might not at all work for someone else. For instance, I have spent time doing biochemical work for my prolapse. This might not at all work for you. Our bodies are complex, and so are our hormones. Our journey to the point of having this symptom is not the same. Hence, our journey out of it will definitely not be the same.

Women Cycles courses
The right mindset, wisdom, support, and long-lasting patience go a long way to help you heal

So, in short, stop looking for the magic pill or the silver bullet. Healing is a lifelong journey. It is a mindset to listen to yourself. It is a mindset of taking responsibility for your body and condition. For some, it is in parallel with your medicinal treatments. For some, it is its own track. Whatever be your choice, you know the answer deep inside you. We are aggregating all the wisdom to help you on this journey.

Here is a YouTube Video I made talking about healing & its power:

Root Cause Identification

Finding the root cause takes time. It is painfully frustrating. It requires compassion and acceptance for yourself. And, it requires you to look into the mirror and experiment with different options. It is about your readiness to self-explore. We stand for alternative approaches whereby you work more holistically rather than looking into your symptoms in isolation. Our creators share this ideology with us.

How Do We Pick Creators for Women Cycles Courses?

Creators on our platform are women who have been in your shoes with your symptoms but have come out on the other side

‍We pick creators for Women Cycles courses based on three criterions:

  1. Does the woman have firsthand experience in the topic? Has she gone through the issue herself? We don’t want an “expert” who has no firsthand experience of the topic at hand.
  2. Has the person started to heal? If so, does she have an understanding of the path that took her there? Some have clear journals and diaries. Most know how they found the root cause, the way they processed it, and the phase where it all started coming together.
  3. Has the person helped others heal and feel better? Some become practitioners of the topic they spent so much time trying to find a solution for. Others have relevant complementary backgrounds that fit in nicely with their newfound area of interest. Some start businesses to help others. Others write books and give talks.

‍We spent a lot of time listening to podcasts, googling, watching events, and TED Talks, hanging out on women groups online. Then, we contact the potential creator for a first discussion. If everything checks out, we invite them to create one or more courses for Women Cycles, based on our structure and principles.

We make sure that all creators have good quality content, are authentic and they share openly. They have no ulterior motives (like converting you into a sect or a religion). We try our best to understand the state of science in every course. Sometimes, there is enough evidence, and sometimes there is not. However, what is unassailable is that the methods, in spite or despite science or lack thereof, have helped other women who were in your shoes.

No Magic Pills

Healing has no magic pills. Each of our journeys are unique.

Systematic change happens with constant improvement. Healing has no magic pills. Healing is self-belief (mindset) combined with wisdom (actionable knowledge about your own body), support, and long-lasting patience. With the risk of sounding like a parrot, healing is not linear. Neither is it a quick fix. Nor is it a copy-paste from her to me. It is your journey. You own it. You got this.

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