Rather than having surgery for Diastasis Recti, Caroline reversed the condition using a series of exercises and breathing techniques

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Specialty (or expertise): Certified in Diastasis Recti Rehab and Scar Release Therapist

Age: 41

Favorite natural healing method(s): Transverse Squeeze & Release and Abdominal Zipper

Conditions she reversed: Diastasis Recti

Before becoming a mother, Caroline spent most of her life as an equestrian and even had the chance to compete professionally. And in college, she studied exercise science and psychology. So she was very much into fitness, learning about the body and mind, and living an active lifestyle. 

But after the birth of her first daughter, Caroline stopped riding and became a certified Pilates Instructor with a focus on pre and post-natal fitness. She loved being a mom and working with her clients, especially to help them heal postpartum.

A misdiagnosis from Caroline’s doctor’s

Then, as fate would have it, Caroline needed to rely on her own wisdom, health, and fitness expertise to recover from a condition she faced after giving birth to her third daughter. 

Caroline had to figure out what was wrong on her own because the medical staff at her hospital and her own doctor didn’t know. Meaning she went undiagnosed for years until finally the symptoms completely revealed themselves after her third pregnancy.

What the symptoms revealed to her

Based on her symptoms and her training as a Pilates Instructor, Caroline figured out she had diastasis recti. After digging in a little deeper into this subject, she learned how to self-test, and recorded an 8-finger diastasis. This meant she had a large gap or separation in her abdominal muscles. 

This condition affected how she was able to stand, sit, sleep, and hold her baby. Being limited in her mobility was something Caroline never experienced before and of course, she didn’t want them.

Passing up surgery for natural solutions

Caroline wasn’t willing to undergo surgery given the risks, so she searched for a program that offered natural, safe methods that were proven to reverse diastasis recti. And this is exactly what she found.

After months of sticking to the program, Caroline started feeling much better, had a better quality of life, and could get back to moving and exercising in a way she enjoyed.

Caroline teaches women how to heal naturally from Diastasis Recti

Moved by her own results, she had a strong calling to teach these methods to other women. And this is exactly what she does in her program available through the NKS by Women Cycles. Her online, guided program gives women the tools and resources to close the gap in their abdomen to rebuild their bellies and core muscles.

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