Rebecka had prolapse surgery, but she still struggled with pain, heaviness, and felt hopeless

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Age: 30 

Symptoms: Heaviness, pelvic pain, mental anguish

Condition: Prolapse, birth injuries

Rebecka had birth injuries that caused a prolapse and symptoms of heaviness and pain in her pelvic floor. Mentally and emotionally, she felt hopeless and experienced heavy sadness because her quality of life was very low.

She thought surgery would have made her feel better, but the symptoms did not go away. She still couldn’t walk properly 6 months later.

She even worked with physiotherapists, but still, the pain, heaviness, and sadness did not improve. Rebecka knew there had to be something that would help her.

This is when she found the No Kegels System. One of the biggest breakthroughs Rebecka had during the 12-week program, was actually believing that her body could recover and heal.

What did she love most about the No Kegels System?

Rebecka said she loved that she could try a lot of different methods within the System. This included hypopressives, relaxation techniques, meditations, visualisations, nutrition advice, and goal setting. 

She also appreciated how supported and understood she felt by Women Cycles co-founder Filippa and the team of practitioners she had access to. 

And finally, Rebecka is excited about having a lot of tools she can use in the future to work through different mental and physical symptoms that may arise. She feels much more prepared and empowered to assist herself in her own healing, which is absolutely priceless.

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