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After two misdiagnoses from her midwife, Dr. Bri followed her gut and used her knowledge to heal from bladder prolapse


Name: Abby Lord
Specialty (or expertise): Certified Hypopressives Instructor




Her Story

Dr. Brianne (Dr. Bri for short) specializes in women’s pelvic floor health because of her own personal experience. A few weeks after giving birth to her son, she felt something “pop” in her body. It was more of a heavy feeling, and she immediately thought it could be a prolapse. Even after getting two examinations from her midwife and being told “it’s nothing, you’re fine,” Dr. Bri knew something was off and could feel it too. She ended up diving deeper into the world of pelvic floor health and on her journey also learned the true meanings behind the symptoms of anxiety and depression that she faced.

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The prolapse set me on a path of self-discovery, understanding human anatomy, and finding natural ways to put an end to pelvic issues that women face. Having healed my own prolapse, I’m today a practitioner helping with pelvic floor issues.