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Like a Phoenix that rises from the ashes, Filippa overcame the odds to heal from prolapse & became a pioneer in a Women’s Health Revolution


Name: Filippa Odevall (Co-founder of Women Cycles)

Specialty (or expertise): Yoga Teacher, Hypopressives Instructor, Vaginal Steam Facilitator




Her Story

After being let down and sent home by the healthcare system in Sweden, Filippa started searching for natural ways to heal from prolapse. Surgery was not an option for her, as the risks were too high.

She had two young boys to take care of, so she didn’t have much time to spend on Google searching for answers. Worst of all, the process was scary, lonely, and frustrating because it took weeks to find just one shred of hope. And in total, it took about 20 months of searching, trying methods, implementing them, trying some more methods, before Filippa healed herself.

She didn’t want other women to endure this long road to health, so she co-founded Women Cycles with her husband, Mahesh, to give women hope, support, knowledge, and companionship.

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I really believe in healing. We all just need more knowledge, more support, and more tools to be able to heal. Unfortunately, the healthcare system is not providing all of this for us.