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Rather than having surgery for Diastasis Recti, Caroline reversed the condition using a series of exercises and breathing techniques


Name: Caroline Johnson

Specialty (or expertise): Certified in Diastasis Recti Rehab and Scar Release Therapist



Her Story

After Caroline gave birth to her 3rd daughter, she struggled with uncomfortable symptoms. She consulted with her healthcare team but did not receive a concrete diagnosis. Desperate for answers, Caroline utilized her knowledge as a pilates instructor and pre- and post-natal instructor to determine what was wrong.

Based on her symptoms — not being able to engage her core muscles, pushing her fingers deep into her abdomen, and dealing with poor posture, Caroline knew what condition she faced — diastasis recti.

Instead of opting for surgery, Caroline used a variety of exercises, modifications of everyday movements, and breathing techniques to reverse her condition and is helping hundreds of women do the same.

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When I realized I had diastasis recti, I looked into programs to rehabilitate the condition because I was unwilling to have surgery. After getting dramatic results following the program, I became inspired to help other women recover from diastasis and rebuild their cores.