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Through Deanna’s own health struggles, she developed cutting-edge methods to reverse prolapse and other scar tissue related conditions


Name: Deanna Hansen

Specialty (or expertise): Certified Athletic Therapist



Her Story

When Deanna was 30 years old she suffered a terrifying panic attack. She couldn’t breathe and thought she was going to die. With years of experience as an Athletic Therapist & Bodyworker, she intuitively pushed her hand into her abdomen. She felt a lot of pain (and scar tissue), which brought her out of the fear and made her breathe a little easier. What she discovered about this event was groundbreaking. And it was the catalyst for creating two techniques that would give her clients immediate results, including a reduction in pain, anxiety, even reversing symptoms of prolapse and incontinence.

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I always wanted to teach people self-care, and that’s how Block Therapy came to be because I needed to give people a tool so they didn’t always need to go to a practitioner.