Top 8 Home Remedies for Urinary Incontinence

woman with the stones on the back

Loss of bladder control is one of the conditions that can affect your everyday life and make it much more difficult. Fortunately, its mild cases can be treated with home remedies for urinary incontinence. Here are 8 methods for you to try at home.

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Hypopressives for Prolapse, Incontinence & Diastasis-Recti


Many of us silently suffer from Prolapse, incontinence, Diastasis-recti, hypertonic pelvic floor & other pelvic issues. Discover Hypopressives, a revolutionary low-pressure workout form that helps you connect your pelvic floor with your whole body.

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Women Cycles Courses Are Not Prescriptions; Every Healing Journey Is Unique


Healing has no magic pills. Healing is self-belief (mindset) combined with wisdom (actionable knowledge about your own body), support, and long-lasting patience. With the risk of sounding like a parrot, healing is not linear. Neither is it a quick fix. Nor is it a copy-paste from her to me. It is your journey. You own it. You got this.

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Why Women Cycles? No, It’s Not Just the Menstruation Cycle


Besides the menstrual cycle, there are many more cycles a woman goes through. Every woman on this planet goes through at least 1 life-changing challenge connected to one of her many cycles. We look at the most common ones and our method for approaching these challenges.

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Cervical Dysplasia Success Story: Disa Mineur Healed Naturally and Is Helping Other Women


This is Disa Mineur. She is a fertility practitioner and educator. She was diagnosed with Cervical Dysplasia. For the uninitiated, this basically means the growth of abnormal cells in your cervix. These cells can develop into cancer if left unattended to. Disa not only found a way to heal her CIN 3 cervical dysplasia (the most severe form of dysplasia) naturally, she also became pregnant along the way. Now, she shares her methods in an exclusive course on Women Cycles.

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5 Magical Facts about Your Cervix that No One Taught You


The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus. It connects the vagina with the main body of the uterus, acting as a gateway between them. Here are her 5 magic secrets every Cervix on this planet has

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Scientifically-Proven Foods to Reverse HPV and Cervical Dysplasia

Food can help you reverse cervical dysplasia

It is no secret that food and lifestyle are two vital building blocks for you to heal out of any condition, and Cervical Dysplasia is no exception. A study published in PubMed has shown that diet along with lifestyle habits such as smoking or increased sexual activity can lead to a higher risk of HPV, the virus that is associated with Cervical Dysplasia. In particular, a diet that has a low intake of fruits and vegetables, especially fruits and dark-green and deep-yellow vegetables are directly correlated with the risk of developing Cervical Dysplasia CIN3.

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Birth Control & PMS: A Closer Look


Do birth control really help with PMS or do they mask 1 symptom with another? Here is all the information you need to make a choice

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3 Free Meditation Playlists to Help Relieve PMS Pain


The science is clear. Meditation helps you during your horrible PMS bouts. In this post, we examine the science behind it and leave you with 5 tried and tested meditation practises that can help you.

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