Starting A Family & Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor knowledge is overlooked or ignored until it is too late.  As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure.  And we believe that prevention starts with all women having certain knowledge from as early as possible.  Starting a family entails challenges and decisions that could be physically, emotionally, and spiritually fulfilling or devastating. […]

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Can I Run with Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

A woman wondering if she still can run with pelvic organ prolapse

If you are an avid runner, discovering that you have pelvic organ prolapse can be devastating. So, you may be asking yourself (and your dear friend Google): “Can I run with prolapse? Or should I give it up for a more prolapse-friendly form of exercise?” We feel you. Exercise has a profound effect on our physical […]

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Hypertonic Pelvic Floor: Symptoms, Causes, Stretches, and More

Woman with hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction sitting in a chair

Most issues that relate to the female pelvic floor stem from it being weak, and Kegels are the answer. Or, at least that’s what we’ve been told over and over again. Yet, there is a very common condition that affects even those women who’ve been diligently doing their pelvic floor strengthening exercises. It’s hypertonic pelvic […]

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Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment: How to Treat Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids treatment

Women have a unique gift – growing life. Yet, they often face and silently suffer from a wide range of health issues that negatively affect their quality of life, are embarrassing, and rarely get addressed in an effective non-judgmental way. Hemorrhoids are one of them, and instead of looking for cute baby clothes, you may […]

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Vaginal Steaming to Improve Pelvic Floor Health and Heal Dysfunction

Vaginal Steaming

There is an expression that states that everything new is the well-forgotten old. It certainly applies to vaginal steaming. This well-forgotten female wellness practice is steadily regaining its popularity. Let’s take a look at why that’s so and whether you should give it a try. (Hint – you most definitely should.) What Is Vaginal Steaming? […]

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What Is Pelvic Organ Prolapse and the Best Treatment for It?

Mother in need of pelvic organ prolapse treatment

After having a baby and being reviewed in the postnatal checkup, women are often told that things are back in their original place and they can resume the lifestyle they had prior to pregnancy. Nonetheless, they may not be “back to normal.” For a considerable amount of women, the baby isn’t the only thing coming out […]

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Scar Tissue Massage to Heal Prolapse Naturally

Some find scars attractive, others dislike them, but one thing is true – when it comes to pelvic floor scars, barely anyone talks about them. Sadly, however, they are more common than you may think. An estimated 70% of all women develop some form of scarring following childbirth, Scars in the pelvic floor can also […]

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What’s Your Pelvic Floor & Why Its Health Matters

What is your pelvic floor actually

While most conscious women tend to take meticulous care of their health, they severely under-look one aspect. It’s the health of their pelvic floor. In fact, more often than not, it’s not even under-looked but blatantly ignored or the advice given may make things exponentially worse.  The importance of the pelvic floor and its health […]

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