Cystocele vs Rectocele Prolapse – Their Difference & Proper Treatment

Cystocele and Rectocele Prolapse - Know The Difference & Proper Treatment

A cystocele is a condition where a portion of the bladder wall protrudes into the vaginal canal. Whereas, a rectocele occurs when a portion of the rectum wall bulges into the vaginal canal. Both of these prolapses are common after childbirth. Learn how to reverse these conditions, and become symptom-free.

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Do You Need A Pelvic Floor Reconstruction?

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction: Pros and Cons

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction has become a hot topic among women with prolapse. But what permanent effects does it have on your womb? Read more to learn about less risky and natural long-term solutions.

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All About Uterine Fibroids (leiomyomas): Prolapsed Fibroids

Fibroids aren’t something all women get and they’re not considered normal. If you’ve been diagnosed with fibroids or think you might have them, it’s not something to ignore.

Fibroids are muscular tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus (womb). Women with symptoms often have pain and heavy menstrual bleeding. Treatment for uterine fibroids depends on your symptoms.

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All About Prolapse Surgery: Pros & Cons

Prolapse surgery or any surgery in your pelvic floor area comes with lots of risks and can have long-term negative effects on your body and life

Deciding between surgical and non-surgical treatment options can be quite difficult and frustrating. After all, Prolapse surgery is a life-altering decision that requires careful consideration.

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