5 Magical Facts about Your Cervix that No One Taught You

The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus.  It connects the vagina to the main body of the uterus, acting as a gateway between them. Anatomically, the cervix is distinct from the uterus, and hence we consider it as a separate anatomical structure. Let’s take a look at a few more facts about your cervix.

Cervix facts
Understanding your cervix is key to heal your dysplasia

When you think of the word Cervix, the first word suggested in global Google is cervical cancer. It is such a pity since the cervix has so much magic in it. 

It’s the transformational zone is where Cervical Dysplasia starts to happen. That is why understanding the magical facts about your cervix is a key first step to begin your healing journey. Disa Mineur is one of our fabulous creators who has a course on Cervical Dysplasia – how she went from ignorant to informed and healed her Dysplasia naturally.

You can read about her story here

5 Secrets that Every Cervix on This Planet Has

1. The Cervix is a Gatekeeper

The cervix produces mucus that acts as nature’s gate. Cervical mucus is functionally important. It lines the cervix, vagina, and vulva, creating a protective barrier between your body and the environment. The mucus helps to foster healthy bacteria, protects you from pathogens, helps the sperm reach the reproductive tract, and even signaling disease and pregnancy. 

An example of the mucus from your Cervix under a microscopic lens. The “ferning” shape happens before you ovulate while they disappear after your ovulation 

A parody online question we find is “Can my infant daughter in my wife’s stomach get pregnant if I have sex with my wife when she is pregnant”. The reason the sperm doesn’t enter is the mucus gets really thick. The mucus is really the barrier between the outside world & the growing fetus. There is no more skin, there are no more barriers. 

This marvelous substance is really divine and it comes from your cervix. 

2. The Cervix Plays a Role in Your Periods 

Your cervix is typically open during menstruation, which allows menstrual blood and uterine tissue to leave your body. The cervix is usually lower in the body and therefore easier to feel while you’re menstruating. During the follicular phase of your periods (Day 1 that you bleed), estrogen levels are low and hence your Cervix feels firmer. During Ovulation, your estrogen levels start to rise and the cervix starts shedding more mucus. 

Your cervix has different positions during menstruation

Here is a photo chart of your Cervix through a calendar month

3. The Cervix Witnesses It All & Stores Your Emotions 

The cervix has witnessed everything that has penetrated you. She is a strong muscle that not only does an important job for your healthy functioning but also stores emotions. This strong muscular tissue is like a record book for your vaginal emotions. Whether that is sexual frustration, anger, sexual violence, traumatic childbirth, or similar, the cervix not only sees it but feels it too. 

Cervix facts
Check your cervix. Amaze yourself.

4. The Cervix Carries the Placenta and the Baby & Opens Up When Giving Birth 

The cervix opens herself, depletes herself up to 10 cm to help the baby come out of your body, and then gets back to her normal shape. The cervix is a strong muscle that stores all the amniotic fluid, the placenta, and the baby. This beautiful muscle in your body makes it possible for you to carry your baby and eventually give birth. 

Image taken from Stanford Children’s Hospital

5. The Cervix is a Pleasure Spot 

The cervix is a huge erogenous zone where deep thrusting can give you a full-body deep orgasm. There is this myth about no sensation in the cervix (wonder who perpetrated that!). You can dispel this myth with facts quite easily by showing love to your cervix yourself.  Here is a comprehensive study on all things regarding orgasm & sexual pleasure in a woman

Bonus Secret: The Cervix is an Important Meeting Point for Your Whole Body

It is a meeting point for your digestive system, pelvic floor, and the vagus nerve which connects your whole body. 

Cervix facts
Cervix is a meeting point for 3 different nerves

Let’s celebrate being born with a magical cervix. Each of us has this in us.

If you have cervical dysplasia, you can watch Disa Mineur’s course here

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