Why Natural, Holistic Healing Offers Lasting Healing

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Want to know more about natural healing? Maybe you’ve heard the words holistic, alternative, functional, or even integrative medicine before. But, what do these words really mean? And most importantly, will these healing modalities actually help you?

Ready to get these questions answered? Let’s dive in!

What is Holistic Medicine?

The term holistic refers to the whole, rather than the individual parts. Therefore, this form of medicine considers the body, mind, emotions, and spirit when developing proper treatment. Whereas western medicine only treats the symptoms (known as the “band-aid effect”).

By only looking at the symptoms, this system fails to see and understand the root causes causing those symptoms. This is why many people seldom achieve long-lasting, consistent healing when only working with western medicine.

Don’t get us wrong, western medicine is great in an emergency scenario. It’s incredible, in fact. But when it comes to helping us heal from the inside out, top to bottom, the prescription of taking a pill or getting surgery doesn’t cut it.

You see, the goal of holistic medicine, or natural healing, is to bring balance back to our entire being.

Where there’s an imbalance, it works to restore balance. When there’s a deficiency, it strives to bring sufficiency back. Where there’s disharmony, it aims to retrieve harmony.

Can you see why we at WomenCycles love this form of healing!

A Closer Look at the Term “Root Causes”

Let’s think about a tree for a second. The roots of a tree not only anchor the tree into the ground, but they provide water and nutrients to the entire tree, giving it nourishment and life. If the roots grow weak over time, the tree fails to thrive and can grow sick.

This is how humans work too. While we don’t have literal roots, we have a physical body, mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body (i.e. our “roots”). These provide our foundation. And they all need nourishment and attention for us to be truly healthy.

While this concept may be new or unfamiliar to many, holistic medicine itself has a long and vast history.

When Did Holistic Medicine Start?

Chinese Medicine acupuncture needles and locations identified on face and body
Chinese Medicine acupuncture needles and locations on the body

Holistic Medicine dates back as far as 5,000 years ago, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic Medicine, Native American Healing, and Homeopathy.

All of these traditions maintain the same principle beliefs. They believe in taking the physical and mental wellness of a person (i.e. the mind-body connection) along with their emotional and spiritual wellness into account to build a healing protocol. Using this holistic approach, they’ve been hugely successful in the treatment and healing of people for countless generations.

If you primarily grew up around western medicine, then you might have never been exposed to these ancient and mainly eastern medicines. Yet, due to popular demand, they’ve made their way into the west over the last few decades. And are slowly, slowly reaching mainstream level.

Lucky for us, right?

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