Why Women Cycles? No, It’s Not Just the Menstruation Cycle

When most hear the words “Women Cycles”, they immediately assume it is about the menstrual cycle. Naturally, the menstrual cycle plays such a pivotal role in a woman’s life. But if you look closer, there are more cycles that a woman goes through throughout her life.

Actually, we believe that women live cyclical lives, from just before puberty (can be from 8 years old) to after menopause (up to around 55 years old). Clearly, men don’t experience similar cycles. However, it is fair to say that our society is built with expectations that expect women to adjust and live more non-cyclical lives, not in tune with what their body tells them but what is rather expected of them.

The Different Cycles Women Go Through

Women ccyles

Here is our take on the different cycles a woman goes through:

  1. Menstruation: We have already mentioned it, but it is the foundation for all the other cycles.
  2. Pregnancy: You go through three trimesters. Image chart
  3. Giving birth: The shortening and opening of your magical cervix, the descent, and delivery of your baby, and the delivery of the placenta. During labor, each contraction is a cycle in itself. They are the periodic tightening and relaxing of the uterine muscle, the largest muscle in a woman’s body. Image chart
  4. Postpartum or postnatal period: Also called the fourth trimester. The initial phase of 6-12 hours after childbirth, the second phase is two to six weeks after childbirth, and finally up 2 years after childbirth. Naturally, feeding fits right into this cycle.
  5. Motherhood: The first 3-6 months of your child’s life, 6 months to 3 years, 4-8 years, 9-12 years, 13-18 years, and 18+. Here is a good article on these different stages
  6. Menopause: There are 3 stages of menopause: Perimenopause, Menopause, and Postmenopause. When you’ve had no period for a year you have reached menopause, and the perimenopause period is over. The years following menopause are called postmenopause. In this phase, as a result of a lower level of estrogen, women have an increased risk for a number of health conditions, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, and changes in the pelvic organs.

Naturally, there are many cycles that are unfortunately never complete. The absence of your period, infertility, abortion, and menopause that happens too early are examples of when the cycle is clearly broken.

The cycles represent the different stages a woman goes through during her lifetime. Abstracting further, all these different stages are controlled by hormones which work cyclically – estrogen & progesterone are typical examples. These hormones are regulated, rise & fall like tides and are affected by everything from your stress levels, lifestyle choices & more.

S,o if the hormones that control all your stages of being a woman are cyclical and the different phases you go through tend to be cyclical (e.g your body tends to start coming back to non-baby mode after you give birth), we think it is natural we explore what women need across all these stages, addressing the root cause of any conditions. These root causes typically tend to manifest in imbalanced hormones and on a cell level rather than just on a symptom level. Sure, the symptoms are the body’s way of communicating with you, but digging deeper to find the problem with your cycles (as we define it) can help create your “a-ha” and start your journey of self-empowerment, as a woman.

We Have Forgotten Our Superpowers in This Fast-Paced World

Unfortunately, nowadays, most women seem to have forgotten the power they have, losing balance and the ability to listen to different signals from their bodies. The growth of symptoms connected to the different stages of a woman’s life has exponentially multiplied over the last 50+ years. While we cannot squarely blame one item as the cause, we can all agree that there is a high degree of correlation between our lifestyles & the symptoms we are facing. In fact, as this study points out, even cancer can be preventable with the right lifestyle changes. 

While there is a ton of research and Femtech companies focusing on the menstruation cycle (which is great by the way) & to some degree on helping newbie mums, there are tons more challenges that seem to have been brushed under the carpet.

Women go through at least one life-challenging event connected to one of their cycles.

Each & every woman on this planet goes through at least one life-changing challenge connected to her cycle. For some, that is during their teens; for others, it could be when becoming a mother, and for many, it could be when they get to menopause. Therefore, all these issues deserve attention. All the issues that are nonchalantly brushed aside by the system deserve a voice and a world of support. All issues that are not yet tech-sexy and AI-driven big data munching analysis deserve attention. Each & every woman who is going through a challenge connected to whichever cycle she is in or she just got out of need support.

Below, is a list of topics that are most Googled/searched to give you an idea of the challenges in each & every cycle:

  1. Sweating menopause
  2. Prolapse
  3. Uterine fibroids
  4. PMS
  5. Morning sickness
  6. Hypothyroidism
  7. Incontinence (surgery)
  8. Birth control
  9. Hot flashes
  10. Hysterectomy
  11. Cysts
  12. Night sweats
  13. Missing periods
  14. Irregular discharge
  15. Vaginal dryness
  16. Miscarriage
  17. Abortion
  18. Hormonal imbalance
  19. Diastasis recti (surgery/treatment)
  20. Uterine cancer
  21. Cervical Dysplasia
  22. Infertility
  23. IVF
  24. Excessive bleeding
  25. Autoimmune diseases
  26. Pain during periods
  27. Pelvic floor dysfunction (surgery/treatment)
  28. Pelvic floor pain
  29. Postpartum depression
  30. Vulvodynia
  31. Sexual trauma
  32. Anxiety
  33. Urinary tract infections
  34. PCOS

So, Recap of What Have We Covered Thus Far

  1. We go through different cycles & phases.
  2. Some cycles are complete (like regular periods or giving birth) whereas others are not (like abortion).
  3. The list of symptoms women face across these different stages is growing.
  4. The cycles always point back to your hormones, which tend to be cyclical.
  5. All women go through at least one life-changing event connected to their cycle.

Self-Belief + Wisdom + Support + Long-Lasting Patience = Our Healing Plan. No magic pills.

It all starts with the mindset of self-belief. Healing is not linear, and it’s not easy. It requires you to take full ownership of your body. It requires you to prioritize and be bossy pants about your own self. Healing toils with your patience and courage.

To be clear, we do not say the medical system is all bad. However, we believe most issues we have listed above don’t get enough attention. Moreover, most women don’t get enough empathy or support and most treatments seem to patch the problem but not shed light on the underlying root causes.

Knowledge is you understand your own body. For some, it is understanding the science behind your hormones. For others, it is listening more intently to yourself. We believe you know your knowledge gaps the best. However, just piling knowledge without actions is worthless. That is why we believe in wisdom. You apply your knowledge to understand how your body and mind react. Then, you take this feedback loop and work further. You might go one step forward and two steps back initially, but truth be told, your path is truly unique. Yet, you need to blaze the path for yourself.

Support is the third ingredient in your healing journey. Without the right support, one might lose hope and give up too soon. Support keeps you in balance, guides and nudges you, gently reminds you, and is always there for you. For some, it is talking with strangers online who have been through your journey. For others, it is to ditch some friends and renew your social circle. Whatever be it, if you are courageous enough, you will find the support you need. It starts with you asking for help or sharing yourself.

Finally, it is patience. This is the big one. Healing is no instant remedy.

Our platform wants to help women find self-belief, wisdom & the right support. Across all cycles – complete and incomplete. We need to do this not just for ourselves but to show the way for our daughters.

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