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Science-based natural treatment for pelvic floor dysfunctions

Data shows that our “No Kegels” System participants reduce their symptoms, remove anxiety, and start believing in a symptom-free life after just 12 short weeks.

Rooted in Science. Committed to your progress.

The No Kegel System (NKS) helps address the root cause of pelvic floor dysfunction. With simple home-based guided exercises, positive lifestyle nudges & a thriving support community, NKS is truly an all-in-one solution to help you reverse pelvic floor dysfunctions and live symptom-free.

Your program has been beneficial in suggesting varying approaches to attack prolapse. You have led me to discover teachers and methods new to me. It is also encouraging and inspirational to be part of a supportive community.

Amanda M.

The main benefits I’m receiving include the weekly check-ins and the weekly suggestions. I always watch them and incorporate what feels useful and right to me. I feel like I’m cared for.

Susanna G.

Having a personal coach that I can ask questions to as they pop up in my head and support on days when I experience more symptoms is invaluable. Just knowing that I’m not dealing with this on my own is such an amazing feeling.

Philippa S.

The No Kegels System (NKS) can help with:

Prolapse (all types)

Incontinence (all types)

Pelvic Pain, Painful Sex, or Lower Back Pain

Heaviness, Bulging or Chafing

Vaginal Gas, Wideness, Dryness or Abnormal Discharge

Fibroids, Cysts or Hemorrhoids

Don’t see your specific symptom or condition here? Check the full list of conditions and symptoms we address.

Reported Outcomes After 90 Days of The NKS


of participants report drastic reduction of symptoms after 12 weeks


decide not to undergo any surgery or invasive medical procedures


recommend the system to other women with pelvic floor dysfunction

Measured through weekly user survey done for the whole duration of 12-weeks.
Supplemented with data from Mid-Program Check-In done at Week 6 & End Program Feedback done at Week 12
Total number of participants: 28 

A 360 degree system for your pelvic health & well-being

Our system is based on 3 pillars gained from the latest scientific research. All of our methods harness these insights to help you rid the symptoms you face.

#1 - Fascia

We help you activate your fascia through posture and breath work, in order to decompress the scars & help create the flow of oxygen and life back into your pelvic floor again.

#2 - Nervous System

Your parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for unconcious actions such as sleep, sex, digestion and urination. By activating it, we help your body accelerate healing.

#3 - Mind Over Medicine

Science shows that your mind plays a key role in healing. The NKS helps you get into a state of mind that puts aside your limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties.

Decompressing scarred & frozen fascia

The Science

New science shows that pelvic floor dysfunction can be traced back to your fascia – the largest organ in your body that runs from head to toe. The fascia transmits information, carries oxygen & nutrients to every cell in your body.
Having pelvic floor dysfunction indicates that your pelvic fascia is scarred & frozen. That means that adhesions or scars in your pelvic fascia create a “dead zone” which either creates a pull in your pelvic organs or cause the nerve endings to stop transmitting information to your nervous system properly. This leads to symptoms such as bulging, heaviness, prolapse, incontinence, or pelvic pain.

Dr. Anna Crowle

Physiotherapist and researcher

The Pelvic Floor Fascia could play a key role in alleviating chronic pelvic pain.

Life, 2021, Review

A randomized controlled trial activating myofascial strings to alleviate pelvic challenges.

Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy, 2021

This study shows that exercises such as Hypopressives can help reduce symptoms ...

Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2020

The vagal tone is correlated with capacity to regulate stress responses and can be influenced by breathing...

Front Psychiatry, 2018

Our Methods

NKS helps you activate your fascia (& myofascial strings) through posture and breath work, decompressing the scarring & creating a flow of oxygen and life back into your pelvic floor again. We don’t just rely on a single method and hope it works for all women. We have multiple methods to try depending on your individual condition and progress.

Activating your parasympathetic nervous system

The Science

Our nervous system – in very simple terms – consists of the sympathetic & the parasympathetic systems. They are responsible for regulating the body’s unconscious actions. The former is typically associated with stimulating activities that trigger the “fight or flight” response, the latter is responsible for activities such as sleep, sex, digestion and urination.

Research shows that activating the parasympathetic nervous system has very promising benefits. By working with our body’s own healing engine, we can accelerate our recovery.

Dr. Sigrid Breit

Physiotherapist and researcher

Our Methods

Our system features methods that not only activates your parasympathetic nervous system but puts it on autopilot. That way, you can maintain your balance even during times of anxiety, stress or if your symptoms flare up again.

Mind Over Medicine

The Science

Our fundamental belief is that your mind plays a central role in your well-being. If science shows that your thoughts can indeed make you sick, can the opposite be true? Our belief (& peer-reviewed research) suggests that this is indeed the case.
A growing set of empirical evidence clearly supports that women who can disconnect their symptoms from their own identity & visualise a symptom-free life, are the ones who can make it a reality.

Dr. Joe Dispenza


This neural activity went on to predict changes in sedentary behavior consistent with successful affirmation in response to a separate physical activity intervention...

Soc. Cogn. Affect Neurosci, 2018

A large body of literature demonstrates that self-affirmations have benefits across threatening situations; affirmations can decrease stress, increase well being, and make people more open to behavior change...

Soc. Cogn. Affect Neurosci. 2016

Our Methods

These methods have transformative potential when applied with the right guidance. Also, this category seems to be the difference between women who are completely symptom-free & women who still have signs of symptoms. 

No Fit-outs. No Surgeries. No Medicine. Just Better Pelvic Health.

The No Kegels System is the world’s first natural science-based alternative for you to reverse pelvic floor dysfunction from the comfort of your own home, without ineffective Kegels or traumatic invasive procedures.

Why women choose us from all over the world

A dedicated coach

A personal pelvic floor practitioner dedicated to your journey & success.

A total care plan

A 360 degree approach with methods tailor-made for you.

Short but powerful sessions

Just 10 minutes a day is all you need to start seeing results.

Progress Tracking

Soft little nudges to track your progress & momentum.

A caring community

The sharing effect is real. Share & feel cared for.

Flexible. Your Terms.

One method doesn't work? Change it. No problem!

What women say about us


Everything is back in original form. I do not suffer with prolapse anymore!



Exactly what I needed when I was so down… This system gave me new methods when I felt nothing working with Kegels. Some methods were perfect, while others did not seem to help. Irrespective, I got access to all these methods, email support & so much guidance just when I needed it. I was pulling my hair out with my symptoms and this saved me, literally!



After the birth of my daughter, I wasn’t aware anything had changed with my bladder. This embarrassing reality of bladder collapse made its debut while practicing kick-boxing. Steaming has literally given me my life back. My favorite sport is no longer a guessing game of control over my bladder. It’s back to being in control - as it should be.


After two month of hypopressives, I have significant changes in my waistline and also more definition. My posture has improved and I am feeling a lift in my pelvic area - more connected & tighter. This is quite remarkable. I never felt like this even before having my kids.



Exactly what I needed 🙂 I found the hypopressives extremely useful, not only for core strength, toning and pelvic floor control, but also in curing my regular migraines which I have been suffering from for 20 years, probably due to better posture & oxygenation. The advice on diet & general lifestyle was also interesting and I have substantially changed my eating habits. So, all in all, well worth it and I intend to continue.



Soothing. Calming. Healing. For one thing, steaming relaxes me. I NEVER felt right after my cycle. Felt everything was tense & all my muscles were bunched up. After steaming it felt like everything that was coiled up relaxed for the first time in my life. For that reason alone I decided to steam again. Pain meds never did that…



My heaviness is going away. With guidance from Filippa, I have now changed my diet, steam and work with my fascia. 4 weeks later I have more days where I feel symptom free. Looking forward to the next phase!



Hypopressives were the solution to the recovery of my pelvic floor after labour. It got my prolapse back in place and I felt a lot better in my body. The diastasis-recti improved really quickly!

Helena Brown


This support system has been magical. Filippa & her team have been wonderful to work with. I had a personal schedule every week. She checked in every week to make sure I stayed on track. Her weekly healing inspiration emails have me hope when I had hard days & trust me you will have hard days. Without the No Kegels System, I would not be asymptomatic as I am now with my prolapse and pelvic floor dysfunction.


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