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Personalised treatment for pelvic floor dysfunctions

Reduce symptoms, remove anxiety, and start believing in a symptom-free life after just 12 short weeks.

Reported Outcomes After 90 Days


of participants report drastic reduction of symptoms after 12 weeks


decide not to undergo any surgery or invasive medical procedures


recommend the system to other women with pelvic floor dysfunction

Measured through weekly user survey done for the whole duration of 12-weeks.
Supplemented with data from Mid-Program Check-In done at Week 6 & End Program Feedback done at Week 12
Total number of participants: 28 

#1. Working with your fascia = Address root cause

The Science

New science shows that pelvic floor dysfunction can be traced back to your fascia – the largest organ in your body that runs from head to toe. The fascia transmits information, carries oxygen & nutrients to every cell in your body.

Having pelvic floor dysfunction indicates that your pelvic fascia is scarred & frozen. That means that adhesions or scars in your pelvic fascia create a “dead zone” which either creates a pull in your pelvic organs or cause the nerve endings to stop transmitting information to your nervous system properly.

This leads to symptoms such as bulging, heaviness, prolapse, incontinence, or pelvic pain.

Dr. Anna Crowle

Physiotherapist and researcher

Our Methods

NKS helps you activate your fascia (& myofascial strings) through posture and breath work, decompressing the scarring & creating a flow of oxygen and life back into your pelvic floor again. We don’t just rely on a single method and hope it works for all women. We have multiple methods to try depending on your individual condition and progress.

#2. Your Nervous system can accelerate healing

The Science

Our nervous system – in very simple terms – consists of the sympathetic & the parasympathetic systems. They are responsible for regulating the body’s unconscious actions.

The former is typically associated with stimulating activities that trigger the “fight or flight” response, the latter is responsible for activities such as sleep, sex, digestion and urination.

Research shows that activating the parasympathetic nervous system has very promising benefits. By working with our body’s own healing engine, we can accelerate our recovery.

Dr. Sigrid Breit

Physiotherapist and researcher

Our Methods

Our system features methods that not only activates your parasympathetic nervous system but puts it on autopilot. That way, you can maintain your balance even during times of anxiety, stress or if your symptoms flare up again.

#3. Mind Over Medicine = Self-Belief is key

The Science

Our fundamental belief is that your mind plays a central role in your well-being. If science shows that your thoughts can indeed make you sick, can the opposite be true?

Our belief (& peer-reviewed research) suggests that this is indeed the case.

A growing set of empirical evidence clearly supports that women who can disconnect their symptoms from their own identity & visualise a symptom-free life, are the ones who can make it a reality.

Dr. Joe Dispenza


Our Methods

These methods have transformative potential when applied with the right guidance. Also, this category seems to be the difference between women who are completely symptom-free & women who still have signs of symptoms. 

Join our community of women reversing symptoms and getting their life back

Kim started to experience prolapse symptoms after having her first child. For 7 years, symptoms such as heaviness and bulging interfered with her life on a daily basis. But after completing the No Kegels System, Kim rates her symptoms as a 1/10, rather than the 7/10 she felt before.
Amanda is 56 years old, post-menopausal, and suffered from Cystocele for 6 years. One of her main symptoms was incontinence and doing Kegels made it worse. This made her look for a different approach, which is how she found the No Kegels System. Much of her success and improvement has come by doing hypopressives.

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No Fit-outs. No Surgeries. No Medicine. Just Better Pelvic Health.

The No Kegels System is the world’s first natural science-based alternative for you to reverse pelvic floor dysfunction from the comfort of your own home, without ineffective Kegels or traumatic invasive procedures.