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Filippa Odevall

Prolapse & Birth Injuries

Abby Lord

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Deanna Hansen-min

Deanna Hansen

Certified Athletic Therapist

Alicia Patterson

Alicia Patterson

Somatic Counselor

Dr Lauren Keller-min

Dr. Lauren Keller

Pelvic Floor Wellness

Dr. Brianne Grogan-min

Dr. Brianne Grogan

Author & Physiotherapist

Dr. Claudia Welch-min

Dr. Claudia Welch

Hormones and Health Conditions

Asabea Britton-min

Asabea Britton


Disa Mineur-min

Disa Mineur

Holistic Reproductive Health P...

Bliss Butterfly-min

Bliss Butterfly

Holistic Healing

Camille Metha-min

Camille Metha

Parenting and Post Partum Depr...

Caroline Johnson-min

Caroline Johnson

Scar Release Therapy

Chelsea Blackburn

Endometriosis Coach

Andreea Cristina Chis-min

Andreea Cristina Chis

Fertility Wisdom

Allie Murphy-min

Allie Murphy

PMS & Sexual Trauma

Anja Brierley Lange-min

Anja Brierley Lange

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga

Anna Burgess

Healing from Miscarriage

Jennifer Sobel-min

Jennifer Sobel


Lauren Wion-min

Lauren Wion

Interstitial Cystitis

Helena Spears-min

Helena Spears

Pelvic Pain Yoga

Lavinia Plonka-min

Lavinia Plonka

Emotional Body Methods

Phyllis Frempong -min

Phyllis Frempong


Priscilla Jumoke-min

Priscilla Jumoke

Holistic Nursing

Jenny Putt-min

Jenny Putt

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Sanna Norrvidd

Somatic Sex Coach

Pyasa Neko Siff-min

Pyasa Neko Siff

Womb Rebirthing

Sama Morningstar-min

Sama Morningstar

Pre & Peri-Menstrual Phases

Sanna Aulen-min

Sanna Aulen

Holistic Yoni Health

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